Sprinkles Cake with Sprinkles Macarons

I have a (not so) secret love for sprinkles! All the pretty bright colours, how can they not make you happy?! As most of you will know, it was little girl's birthday over the weekend and I naturally wanted to bake her an amazing birthday cake! Something bright and happy just like her!
This birthday cake brings me back to my childhood days! As a kid, there was one particular cake I absolutely loved loved loved, so much so that whenever I went supermarket shopping, I used to get my parents to buy a packet of the cake mixture so that I could bake it home. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name or brand of the cake mix (rainbow sprinkles cake maybe??) but it came with these larger than normal sprinkles which you poured into the cake mix and there was also a separate packet of these sprinkles so that you could dot the bright pink frosting all over with it as well. Sprinkles AND pink frosting - a match made in heaven (in my world at least)!

So the pink sprinkles cake always made me happy as a kid and I wanted to pass that on to little girl! In reality, I could have baked her any cake and she would have been just as happy! While making this cake, I had a near miss by almost completely forgetting to add the sprinkles! As I was pouring the mixture into the cake tins and getting ready to put the tins into the oven, it suddenly hit me that the essential ingredient was missing! SPRINKLES! How could I have forgotten?!! *slaps forehead* So I quickly added the sprinkles and gave the mixture a good stir before smoothing out the batter again and putting the tins in the oven! Phew! Crisis averted!

Little girl loves macarons. Actually, she loves squishing them in her fingers more than eating them. So I made macaons to top the sprinkles cake so she could indulge in her favourite past time and I'm particularly pleased with how these macarons turned out (even if they were made for squishing)! After the macarons I made for the black magic cake, which were a sorry batch, I've been determined to get my macarons turning out better. So I applied all the hints and tips which I normally forget and these came out much better as a result! Plus, they're covered in sprinkles so I can't help but adore them!

I'm pleased to say that little girl enjoyed her cake, although you wouldn't have known it at the time! True to form, she got all shy when people sang happy birthday to her and refused to blow out the candle and practically showed no interest in the cake! But in the comfort of just mum and dad, she kept pointing to the cake saying "appy" (translation "happy")! I like to think that the cake made her so happy, but I'm certain that it's just her way of saying it's a birthday cake! In any event, after I cut her a slice, she was proud as punch sitting there feeding herself!

I can't believe my little girl is 2! She's growing up too fast! Happy birthday my little girl!

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