Mini Purple Ombre Cake

Earlier this week we celebrated my niece's 13th birthday and I couldn't think of a more perfect occasion to make these mini purple ombre cakes!

Everyone knows my love of the pink ombre cake! Everyone also knows my love of all things dainty! So when I saw images of mini ombre cakes from the Glorious Treat blog, I thought to myself that I just had to make them!

These are so simple to make, although slightly tedious I have to admit! Using a round cookie cutter to cut into each layer of sponge was easy but having to be so delicate with each layer (lest the sponge crumbles in your hand) and then having to be delicate enough with the piping could I guess be said to be all part of the experience!

In typical fashion, I didn't make enough swiss meringue buttercream! DOH! Why don't I ever learn?! Swiss meringue buttercream requires time, of which many of you know, I simply do not have, so you would think that by now, I would know better and make up a super duper batch which will be more than enough but noooooo....! When I see that I have to use at least 10 egg whites, the "Asian" in me simply gets the better of me and I think, I can not throw our 10 egg yolks (and while I contemplate making a super duper batch of pastry cream, I never do, so the egg yolks end up in the bin...*sigh*).

So ranting aside, you can see that the layers of buttercream for each mini cake is slightly different with some mini cakes being slightly taller than others! It also meant that when it came to piping the roses on the top of each cake, I had to pipe very sparingly! The roses didn't come out as pretty as I wanted so no proper birds eye view of these cakes!

This sponge cake is still one of my favourite recipes. Next time, I think I will make it pink! Purple just doesn't seem to evoke the same emotion in me hehe!

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