Mini banana muffins

Okay, let me just say that I do not like anything banana flavoured. Before all you banana lovers start bashing on me, don't get me wrong, I love the real deal, but just not anything that has that artificial banana taste - banana smoothies, banana bread, and those Allens banana lollies I find, well, blurgh, for want of a better word!

So with that in mind, why on earth would I want to make banana muffins? The answer is that I simply could not bring myself to throw out our bananas that had gotten from slightly spotty, to terribly spotty, to where did all the spots go black? Besides, C loves anything banana flavoured and the lure of cream cheese frosting was too much to resist!
These banana muffins are so easy to make! If you like banana flavoured stuff, then you are in for a real treat - these mini muffins pack a punch full of banana! Personally, each mouth full felt as though I had just been suckered punch so perhaps a bit too intense for my liking!

And the cream cheese frosting is really the icing on top! I absolutely love love love cream cheese frosting - is it terrible if I confess that I could just eat it straight from the bowl, and in fact not only could but did?!

So despite being banana flavoured, I can't help but love these mini muffins, they're cute and mini and best of all, the cream cheese frosting is almost in equal parts to the muffin! Yum!

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