Easter Macarons - I love Easter!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited about these lil creations! Easter. Bunny. Macarons. Eeeek! So darn cute! It felt really great to get back into the kitchen and start baking again! I really enjoyed making the Christmas range of macarons so much (see reindeer macarons and snowman macarons), I couldn't wait to make more different themed macarons, so with Easter here, I couldn't resist! And what's Easter without an Easter bunny!
So it's been really difficult for me to find time to bake these days. For readers that don't know, I've been spending most of my weekends now training for "fun" runs (a bit of an oxymoron because I assure you, there is nothing fun about these runs). With the first fun run under my belt for this year, I've taken a bit of a breather, literally. You see, I caught a cold just days before the run, persevered through the run, then developed bronchitis from the run, so I'm now trying to catch my breath and recover before I get back and start training for the next fun run. On the up side, it has allowed me some time to bake! Silver linings eh! 

I love these bunny ears! Although some bunny ears didn't turn out quite well (i.e. they ended up looking like teddy bear ears - still damn cute but well, not Easter-ish), I'm most proud of the bunny macaron on the right! It has that nice point at the tip, just like a real bunny!
These macarons are sandwiched with a coconut buttercream using coconut cream I had spare in the cupboard! Anything coconut flavour is so darn yummy and these are no exception!

Because I enjoyed being in the kitchen, I decided It wasn't enough just to make a batch of bunny macarons, I decided to make some lil chick macarons! Oh my gosh, I reckon these chick macarons are even more cute than the bunny macs!! I love the lil cowlick hair, the little beak, the little feet... EEEEK!! It looks just like Chicken Little without the glasses hehe!

Unfortunately, these little chicks kind of look like they've been at the tanning salon a bit. They came out a bit more orange then yellow! That was due to my poor colour judgement when it came to mixing the colours! Instead of yellow with a tinge of orange, I did it the other way around! Oops! It seems fitting then that these macs are sandwiched with an orange buttercream!

On the other extreme, these chick-a-dees have zero colour! Haha!

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