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ABOUT the DIY site

The truth is that this journey began in the early 2000's when I had my beautiful first born daughter.  Becoming a mother must have triggered an instinct in me to start exploring my creativity in food and all things DIY. 

I also wanted to share recipes and meals with my family that would create loving and cherished memories.  I mean how many times have you heard comments coming from kids (and even adults) like "I miss my mom's cooking" or "It's good, but nothing beats how my mom used to cook it..."

It's these comments that inspired me to up my game in the kitchen department and begin to expand my culinary horizons. 

Another (more selfish) motivation for me to keep this blog is so that I can look back and find the recipes that I used to make particular dishes.  Nothing is worse when your kids ask you to cook one of those memorable dishes - only to lose the instructions and ingredients for working that magic!  So in an effort to notarize my cooking adventures I have created this!  

Who is the DIY site for?

Like I self-confessed above, my initial intention for this site was purely for self-interest.  However as I have added to the site and received comments, other goals have developed.  

It is my sincere hope that my journey, triumphs, catastrophes and all, helps other like-minded individuals who are on their own personal cooking journey.  

I will try endeavor to include as many instructions as I can to help all skill levels of home chefs out there.  I do not want to prejudice against any level.  I believe all one needs is the desire to cook a delicious meal or dessert.  

How does the DIY site work?

Starting this journey from a novice cook who was intimidated by cooking pasta on the stove top, to being a somewhat seasoned home chef I believe I can help people to learn new skills.  

So with a sincere heart I ask all my readers to comment and send in your cooking attempts so that we can build a community of home chefs who want to help each other. 

So let's get on with the next adventure!
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